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Our Law firm is headed by Jason Ramos, a defense attorney who formerly served for Peoria County State’s Attorney’s Office. We understand that facing a criminal charge, including DUI can be quite traumatic experience; therefore, we have the best Traffic lawyers and infinite defense strategies that can be used for winning such cases. Ramos himself is well acquainted with DUI law which gives our DUI Attorney an edge over the others.

Our lawyers believe that most of the times, DUI is a simple mistake that decent individuals may commit. We have in-depth understanding of the complicated DUI Law and traffic laws in Canton. So, you can trust us with our legal advice.

With Ramos Law office, you are ensured that the legal services in Canton pertaining to traffic law is effective in dealing with DUI criminal cases. Conviction on the charges of Driving under Influence can be mentally draining. So, the primary aim of our Lawyers is to help you sustain peace of mind, by serving you with legal services that can minimize your charges. In most of the cases represented by us, individuals convicted of DUI are able to keep their licenses.

Our legal services in Canton, IL, our endeavor is to provide dedicated legal services. Apart from DUI Lawyers, we are also equipped to represent you or someone you know for charges like possession of firearms, drug possession and provide you legal advice for other criminal cases.

Our former experiences of representing our clients have helped us to compile valuable information of Canton, Illinois laws and allowed us to devise defensive strategies to help you avoid charges.  We not just encourage you to come to us for legal advice, but we also try to support you through your stressful times. Give us a chance to represent you and you can judge yourself whether or not our Lawyers are working in your best interests. If you or someone you know needs legal services in Canton, contact us for free consultation.

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