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In such cases one needs legal consultation. And by this we not mean any random legal advice, but professional advice on legal matters that can be trusted and effectively used to defend oneself from conviction or to minimize charges. Such trustable legal advice is provided in County, Illinois by Jason Ramos and his law firm, Ramos Law Office.

Ramos, himself a former prosecuting attorney in Peoria is known for his ingenuity and best in class criminal law defense strategies that help in solving your legal issues. In cases of DUI, our traffic lawyers use all their knowledge of traffic law to minimize the charges.

It must be noted that the County, IL law states that a person charged with DUI faces one year in jail along with $2,500 fine and not to forget, the pricey court costs. Hence, the DUI attorneys at this law firm serve you with best interest, constantly trying every tailor made DUI law defense strategies to prove your innocence or minimize the crime so that neither your license is revoked nor you are prompted to shed thousands of dollars for your defense.

Unlike other DUI lawyers who might not have field sobriety test course, Jason Ramos has a test course that allows him to challenge the officer who accuses a client of drunk driving. This criminal lawyer works great when it comes to getting the client an acquittal.

We don’t assure you a win on your case, whether it is DUI or other criminal charges. But we do explain several possible to you. For instance, depending upon the case and circumstances, our law firm can prove your innocence by using defense strategies like- the officer illegally stopped your vehicle, the breath test was inaccurate, the trial was slow, the client wasn’t actually driving the car, any medical condition which may prove that the results on the sobriety tests were inaccurate or illegal search by the police.

All you have to do is to give us a chance to serve you and represent you in court for cases as diverse as firearms possession or DUI. Call us to book an appointment for free consultation and case evaluation.

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