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Ramos Law Office is one of them. Headed by Jason Ramos, a former criminal defense prosecutor for Peoria County State’s Attorney Office, this law firm is known for providing the best defense strategies for DUI cases in Eureka, IL.

At Ramos Law Office, traffic lawyers understand that facing a Driving under Influence or DUI charge is not just stressful, but equally heavy on the pocket as thousands of dollars are shed in court. In most of the situations, a DUI charge may lead to cancellation of the license along with jail sentence and $2500 worth of fine as per Eureka, IL law. Therefore, our DUI attorney’s main motive is to either get you an acquittal or minimize the charges to help you regain your peace of mind.

For the same purpose, our DUI lawyers use a variety of law defense strategies, like proving in the court that your vehicle was illegally stopped or that the standard sobriety test yielded unreliable results, the client drank after he drove or that the police initiated illegal search. If these strategies are counterattacked or do not help you beat the traffic law, and then the lawyers try other strategies to minimize your charges.

Having an attorney for DUI charge in Eureka can be an invaluable asset, especially if you choose someone like Jason Ramos, who has a certificate declaring that he has completed field sobriety test and can challenge an officer in the court of law.

At Ramos Law Office, you are provided free consultation and evaluation of the case before you decide whether you want to precede your case with us. And our professionals are not only equipped to deal with DUI laws and cases, but they also have expertise in devising strategies for other criminal offences, gun crimes, possession of drugs or illegal possession of firearms. Our criminal lawyers are well acquainted with criminal law to represent you.

All you have to do is call for an appointment, meet our professionals. We aren’t interested in making tall claims; we would rather allow you to be a judge of our interests.

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