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With Ramos Law Office, we offer you quality DUI-related consultation and representation. Established by popular defense prosecutor, Jason Ramos, our law firm provides the best legal services in Pekin for matters ranging from firearms possessions, gun crimes to Driving under Influence or DUI conviction.

Our team of traffic lawyers and DUI Attorneys has in-depth understanding of the complicated DUI laws in Pekin. We are well aware of the fact that states in the US have strict guidelines and sentences for DUI, but we also understand that most of the times, drunken driving is actually a simple mistake that proves heavy on the pocket. Therefore, the primary aim of our attorneys is to provide you the most reliable advice and legal services in Pekin, and to represent you in court without burning a hole in your pocket.

Since getting an acquittal is difficult in DUI cases, our criminal lawyers use effective criminal law defensive strategies in order to minimize the charges. The sole aim of our traffic lawyers is to help you regain your peace of mind while encouraging you to learn more about the defensive strategies that can help you deal with your charges. Through our legal services in Pekin, most of our DUI clients are able to retain their licenses, which helps them overcome the stress associated with this criminal offense. We also provide representation in rare cases where the client has been caught driving when his/her license was revoked or suspended. We don’t provide false hope, but intelligently analyze the possible consequences to devise the best strategies to defend you.

Apart from DUI, our criminal defense lawyers devise defensive strategies for dealing with charges that can be life-changing, especially criminal charges like possession of drugs, gun crimes or firearms possession. Give our attorneys a chance by booking yourself a free consultation for evaluation of your case. In a meeting you will realize that our lawyers can be an invaluable asset for defending you, whether the charges are those of DUI or gun crimes.

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