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The Peoria law firm of the Ramos Law Office, P.C. offers specialized legal services in many facets of criminal law. We are comprised of a highly experienced legal team that dedicates its practice to helping individuals who are faced with criminal charges. Our Peoria criminal defense team is committed to representing clients who encounter offenses pertaining to traffic, DUI/DWI, drug possession, and guns and firearms. We offer the skills, resources, and capacity to handle criminal defense cases in either State or Federal Court.

Additionally, the law firm’s lead attorney, Jason Ramos, has significant experience as both a prosecuting attorney and defense lawyer. This unique background has helped facilitate many successful outcomes, even during some of the most challenging criminal defense cases. Criminal laws in Illinois are strict, and the penalties judges give to those individuals faced with criminal charges can often be serious and unforgiving. The best way to overcome legal difficulties associated with a criminal charge is to consult a professional attorney who listens and understands the nature of such crimes.

At the Ramos Law Office, P.C., our Peoria criminal defense team provides initial consultations free of charge. We know that criminal charges come without warning. As a result, defending oneself can be both financially and emotionally taxing. Our Peoria law firm will help you see best outcome possible while respecting your financial position with honest and fair legal fees. Although each case our Peoria criminal defense team sees is unique, we have dedicated our practice to select areas under criminal law. Unlike other law firms in Peoria that cover a wide spectrum of practice areas and often charge higher legal fees as a result, we are boutique law firm that offers focused, cost-effective, and proficient legal services. Learn more about our core practice areas below.

Trust our Peoria Criminal Defense Team

Most people rarely expect that they will ever be charged with a criminal offense. However unpredictable incidences happen in life which can make the unforeseeable a reality. When such occurrences do take place, it is those individuals who seek professional legal advice that overcome the challenges of a criminal charge. At the Ramos Law Office, P.A., we provide our clients with personalized attention and high degree of criminal defense experience. That way we can learn all we can about our clients’ cases, analyze the potential consequences, and create defense strategies to best overcome criminal charges.

Our Peoria criminal defense team can offer insights as to how severe a specific criminal charge is as well as the potential penalties tied to such a charge. Learn more about the Criminal Defense Services provided by the Ramos Law Office, P.A., and work with a trusted team of legal advocates who can help to minimize criminal offense charges.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

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Driving under the influence (DUI) in Illinois is one of the most complicated and difficult areas of criminal law to defend. In the wake of a DUI or DWI (Driving While Impaired), an individual’s driver’s license, future, and freedom are all potentially at risk. Driving under the influence, although often times a stupid mistake that happens to decent individuals, can result in thousands of dollars spent in court fees. In addition, the stress, aggravation, and lost time associated with DUI can be heavily draining on a person.

Speaking with a highly experienced DUI defense lawyer in Peoria, IL can make significant difference in the outcome of DUI or DWI charge. A professional criminal defense attorney who dedicates his or her legal services to such crimes can help minimize charges. As a result, convicted individuals may be able to keep their license and sustain their overall peace of mind. Learn more about how to establish a DUI Defense.

Drug Possession


Drug possession charges can result in a serious, life-changing sentence. Depending on the type of drug offense, the end result could lead to years of prison time. In the instance an individual is faced with drug charge, the best thing they can do is contact a criminal defense attorney who specializes in drug possession offenses in Illinois.

The representation of a professional drug defense lawyer can be an invaluable asset before a judge makes a final ruling. If you have been charged with drug possession charge, our Peoria criminal defense team can help you realize how severe of a penalty you may be up against. We can also inform and educate you about Illinois drug possession laws and what steps you can take to minimize charges. Learn more about the advantages of working with our Peoria Drug Possession Defense team.

Gun Crimes and Firearm Possession Charges


In the state of Illinois, illegal possession of a gun or firearm can lead to serious criminal charges. Depending on the type of firearm and the context in which it was used, the consequences of a gun crime offense may vary. More minor gun charges in Illinois are sometimes considered a misdemeanor, whereas more serious firearm charges may be considered a felony. As a result, the charges of possessing a firearm present multiple circumstances based on the nature of the situation.

At the Ramos Law Office, P.C., we help individuals learn the specific details and potential repercussions of their case. We emphasize providing our clients with information and education as a primary first step to handling their case. Our resources help those understand what to expect during legal proceedings and how to best handle each step in the process. Additionally, we are dedicated to battling gun possession charges and we stay committed until a resolution is made.

Our Peoria criminal defense team encourages you to learn all you can various firearm charges and the related consequences of each charge. We have compiled valuable information regarding Illinois firearm possession laws and gun crimes. These resources can give you the expectations you need to best move forward with your case. From that moment on, you can determine if the counsel of a Peoria criminal defense lawyer is in your best interests.

If you or someone you know is in need of a Central Illinois or Peoria criminal defense team, please contact the law firm of Ramos Law Office, P.C. We offer a Free Legal Consultation and can evaluate a case that pertains to a wide range of criminal charges. Call 309-679-9363 or Contact Us Here.

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