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The Peoria law firm of the Ramos Law Office, P.C. offers specialized legal services in many facets of criminal law. We are comprised of a highly experienced legal team that dedicates its practice to helping individuals who are faced with criminal charges. Our law firm is committed to representing clients who encounter offenses pertaining to traffic, DUI/DWI, drug possession, and guns and firearms. We offer the skills, resources, and capacity to handle criminal defense cases in either State or Federal Court.

Additionally, the law firm’s lead attorney, Jason Ramos, has significant experience as both a prosecuting attorney and defense lawyer. This unique background has helped facilitate many successful outcomes, even during some of the most challenging criminal defense cases. Criminal laws in Illinois are strict, and the penalties judges give to those individuals faced with criminal charges can often be serious and unforgiving. The best way to overcome legal difficulties associated with a criminal charge is to consult a professional attorney who listens and understands the nature of such crimes.

At the Ramos Law Office, P.C. in Peoria, Illinois, we provide initial consultations free of charge. We know that criminal charges come without warning. As a result, defending oneself can be both financially and emotionally taxing. Our Peoria criminal defense team will help you see best outcome possible while respecting your financial position with honest and fair legal fees. Although each case our Peoria law firm sees is unique, we have dedicated our practice to select areas under criminal law. Unlike other law firms in Peoria that cover a wide spectrum of practice areas and often charge higher legal fees as a result, we are boutique law firm that offers focused, cost-effective, and proficient legal services. Learn more about our core practice areas below.

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